A walk on Monte Palmeto, Terrasini

Monte Palmeto, Terrasini

Monte Palmeto (645m) is a terrace privileged to observe from a different perspective the west coast of Palermo: from the Island of the females to the foothills of Mount Inici dominating the plain of Castellammare. The rocky ramparts of the mountain, visible along the highway Palermo Trapani at Terrasini, protect a vast plateau accessible only by a few streets. A natural stronghold so well defended, rich in water and used as a landing overlooking the harbor. Monte Palmeto Grove is not only archeology, the walk that you can make will give unparalleled views of a bird on the Gulf of Carini enriched by the colors and smells of the season between peal of cows cinisare and circling birds of prey among rocks heavy with history.

  • Monte Palmeto, Terrasini